Globalization and its Effects

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1.) Curtin, Stacey. “Middle Class Hurt by Broken Global Banking System: ‘Unfair Trade’ Author Says.” Yahoo Finance. Yahoo, 4 2012. Web. 3 Dec 2012.

Curtin discuses that the real problem caused by globalization for the US is the international banking system which lends only to those who have the financial stability to pay loans back, therefore the rich become even more rich, and the poor stay poor.

2.) Cowen, Tyler, and Benjamin Barber. “Globalization and Culture.” CATO Policy Report, May-June 2003. Web. 3 Dec. 2012.

This article discusses the effect of globalization on culture in the world.

3.) Department of Labor, “Employment Situation Summary. “Bureau of Labor Statistics. United States Department of Labor, Oct 5, 2012. Web. 9 Oct 2012.

This source is a news release from the Department of Labor, which includes how many people are out of work, what sectors lost jobs, duration of unemployment, as well as many other categories discussing the current employment situation.

4.) Edmiston, William F., and Annie Duménil. La France Contemperaine. 4th ed. N.p.: Heinle, 2009. Print.

Parts of this book talk about cultural impact of the US on France specifically.

5.) Herman, Carl. “US overthrew Iran’s democracy 1953-1979, armed Iraq to invade 1980-1988, now lies for more war.” Washington’s Blog. N.p., 12 2012. Web. 4 Dec 2012.

This source was used exclusively for the case study and discussed the history of Iran.

6.) Oxford Analytica, “U.S. Workers Benefit From Globalization.”  11 July 2008. Web. 3 Dec 2012.

This source discusses how American jobs really are not taken by Globalization and how the larger global market ends up benefiting workers in the US. It shows how more skilled workers in the US end up being paid more.

7.) “Percent of Employment in Manufacturing in Germany.” Http:// U.S. Department of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 6 Aug. 2012. Web. 04 Dec. 2012.

This is a graph that shows the downward trend of manufacturing being a main source of employment in Germany.

8.) Porter, Keith. “globalization and terrorism.” Global Envision. Mercy Corps, Dec 31 2004. Web. 3 Dec 2012.

Porter discusses that terrorism is connected with the principles of anti-globalization and tries to stop the flow of ideas and homogenization of cultures.

9.) Spence, Michael. “The Impact of Globalization on Income and Employment.”Http:// N.p., Aug. 2011. Web. 3 Dec. 2012.

This article talks about how manufacturing is a large source of employment worldwide.

10.) “The State of Manufacturing in the United States.” International Trade Administration, July 2010. Web. 3 Dec 2012.

This article shows how the manufacturing industry in the US has become less important to the economy overall over time.

11.) Zakaria, Fareed. “The middle class is being ‘hollowed out’.” CNN Opinion. CNN, Oct 22 2010. Web. 3 Dec 2012.

Fareed discusses how globalization and technology have hollowed out the middle class by moving jobs to cheaper markets such as China and Mexico, and reduced the amount needed to make goods due to increases in technology.


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