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How has globalization impacted the United States and American citizens?


Many people see globalization as shipping American jobs overseas and destroying our manufacturing industry. However, a graph on the US Department of Commerce’s website shows that the number of manufacturing jobs has not fallen significantly.

The American manufacturing industry has become a smaller percentage of work happening in the US, but wages have increased. This is because jobs that are outsourced are often very low pay and low skilled jobs. The jobs that stay here are specialized and require more highly trained workers who receive higher pay.

Globalization has caused the large global powers to focus their economy on services. In fact, 98% of jobs created in the United States during 1990 and 2008 were in the non-tradable area of the economy. In other words, these jobs were service, or produced goods that had to be used inside the US. Other powerful nations have experienced the same thing. Even Germany, a country that many in the West look to as our great manufacturing power, only has 20% of its population employed in manufacturing.

Globalization moves cultures around the world. So naturally, Americans view more foreign cultures today than ever before. Looking around a big city, we see not only people from all over the world (facilitated by today’s ease of transportation) but international products, foreign languages, and more.

The bibliography can be found here.


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